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bali-handicrafts: Came across to your site and found it interesting, please visit my site too.
bali-handicrafts: Came across to your site and found it interesting, please visit my site too.
bali-handicrafts: Came across to your site and found it interesting, please visit my site too.

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Thursday, May 20th 2010

12:06 AM

The Easy Way To Control Pests

Are pests in your house driving you crazy? Are you doing the right thing? No frets now since you will have some help in this article. Read on to get tips on how to prevent and do damage control against pests.

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You should always clean your house. Pests also strive to find food and shelter. Basically, pests get into a house for survival. In order to prevent their infestation you just need to remove all food particles after you eat. Wipe and clean food crumbs, residue and spills. You should clean your house properly.

The use of non-chemical compounds will not only help you keep pests away but will also save the health of your family and pets. These substances are safe to display and place all over your house to get rid of pests. You can use cucumbers, vinegar, garlic spray and peppermint spray. Rather than using moth balls and other toxic products, better use safe, natural repellents.

The common pests you see in houses are cockroaches and water bugs. Eliminate these pests with a spray bottle and a borax. Be sure though that you keep these things away from your children since they are poisonous.

It should be an annual priority for you to hire pest control professionals. These companies can really ensure that their preventive methods are excellent. You can try fumigation since this is the most effective type there is. They will spray your house and garden with poisonous gas to eliminate the pests in the area. But when you prefer to have fumigation, you need to stay away from your house for a few days.

Remember all of these pest control tips and apply them whenever you need to deal with pests. It is always better to do prevention even when it comes to pests.
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Thursday, May 20th 2010

12:05 AM

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